How can a man keep his way pure?

It is a question that many ask. How can we keep the hearts of our children, our youth and even our own hearts? The Bible gives us an answer; Psalm 119:9 tells us, “…by keeping it according to Your word.”

Bible Quizzing (BQ) is a ministry created for the purpose of teaching students to memorize and learn the Word of God with the purpose of facilitating the study of the Bible, and to be able to understand it and apply it to their lives with the help of the Spirit of God. There are three cathegories of Bible Quizzing: Adult Bible Quiz (ABQ), Teen Bible Quiz (TBQ) and Junior Bible Quiz (JBQ).

How it works: Participants meet regularly to study and memorize the Scripture. During the year they will have the opportunity to compete with other teams from different states of the same region. Winners will face each other at the end of the year in a national competition. The focus must always be to exalt and glorify God. Through the competition each person has the opportunity to learn humility and grace in winning and losing.

What do we memorize? Bible Quizzing is designed to cover several books of the Old and New Testaments. Students must memorize the material designated to be able to compete.

Application: The Bible Quiz Program is for everybody, in their daily lives, to be changed by the powerful living Word of God which is given when the Spirit of God brings life to the words in the Holy Scriptures. There are numerous testimonies about what God is doing in the lives of participants in the BQ contest.